Podcast Recs

  1. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast
    1. Lifestyle blogger and businesswoman Lauryn Evarts Bosstick & her husband, entrepreneur Michael Bosstick, cover a wide variety of topics and bring on guests with a wide swath of experiences, backgrounds, and careers. They keep it fresh and entertaining, with lots to learn from guests who have overcome adversity to become successful in their fields. Lauryn and Michael are hilarious and insightful, and bring on guests ranging from celebrity hair colorist Justin Anderson, to dietician Tanya Zuckerbrot, to CEO of Activate Kamiu Lee. There is a TON of variety and fresh ideas discussed through this podcast, and new episodes are released every Tuesday, with two bonus episodes per month every other Thursday.
  2. RadioLab Presents: More Perfect
    1. This is a spinoff from Radio Lab, as the host decided to create another podcast focused entirely on the U.S. judicial system. If you’re into learning about how the legal system works, this podcast gives some background info while also educating on the topics of the cases and perceived injustices within the legal system. The show is well-produced since it’s from WNYC Studios.
  3. The Goal Digger Podcast
    1. Jenna Kutcher, host of the Goal Digger Podcast, is an absolute wonder woman. She began as a wedding photographer and now offers incredible business-growing advice, and encouragement. She is incredibly knowledgeable on her own and I can tell that she never stops learning! It would be worth the listen if it were just Jenna every week, but on top of her own expertise, she brings on women who are accomplishing great things in the digital world and has a blast talking with her guests. Jenna is such a bright leader whose immense joy overflows out of her life into the lives and businesses of countless people. She genuinely loves to share her tips, advice, journey, and tools to help grow others’ businesses. Whatever your business, this podcast is ideal for females to
  4. RISE Podcast
    1. Rachel Hollis hosts this podcast, and MAN, is she encouraging but ALSO offers a kick-in-the-pants right when you need it. She is all about personal growth, changing habits, and going after those big dreams that others tell you are too big. She is an author, media mogul, and founder/CCO of The Hollis Co. (I LOVE a female founder!!) She is an incredible businesswoman who offers tons of positivity, honest reflection, and tough love for women. I would recommend this podcast to any female who wants to be inspired to reach for more and become the best version of herself. As a bonus, Rachel also started a podcast which she and her husband host, called Rise Together. They offer a ton of helpful tips and narratives for honest conversation and growth as a couple, from the perspective of both a male and female.
  5. Freakonomics
    1. Tons of people are familiar with this podcast. It’s been around for quite some time (THERE ARE OVER 300 EPISODES) but I enjoy listening to it because it delves into current events, issues, events throughout history, and more. The interviews are top-notch and the topics are diverse, ranging from sports, to CEOs, with the main perspective coming from an economic point of view, but including personal interviews with many figures. A favorite series of mine is “The Secret Life of CEOs,” and the interview with PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi is particularly engaging.

*As of October 7, 2018*