My Top 5 MUST-Tries from Trader Joe’s

I had never been to Trader Joe’s in my life until recently, and when I finally did, I knew what all the hype was about. It’s right up my alley! Unique finds, fresh flowers, and opportunity to try odd new foods around every corner.

So, here are my top 5 picks from Trader Joe’s. They may not be available at every Trader Joe’s, but they are available at my local Joe’s currently, as of the end of September.

  1. 2-buck Chuck
    1. If you’re into Cabernet Sauvignon, prepare to be impressed that you can actually get a decent-tasting bottle of it for $3. Every other $3 bottle of wine is exactly as bad as you’d expect: this one is not what you’d expect. I’ll just leave it at that. And if you hate it? You’re only out $2-$3 (depending on the market you’re in).
  2. Cowboy Caviar
    1. This is basically a black bean and corn salsa. I don’t know where it got the name but I don’t care, it makes for a filling little snack when eaten with some sort of hearty vegetable chip. It’s on the slightly spicier side, which I like. I don’t have time or energy for bland salsas, you feel me?
  3. Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato chips
    1. When I went to TJ’s recently, the cashier said, “good, you know which chips to get.” This is an accurate description of the number of chip varieties that they stock. And this is a favorite that I come back to, time and time again. These chips have a great flavor and crunch to them, and I even prefer them to pita chips for eating hummus. They’re also great with salsa!
  4. Fresh flower bouquets
    1. No, I am not suggesting you eat fresh flowers (though I know there are plenty of recipes). Their bouquets are all typically cheaper than your local other grocery store or florist, and a bountiful amount of variety in the arrangements. I love the seasonal touch that is put into these flower bouquets, and how fresh they are! My bouquets last about 7-10 days.
  5. GTS Living in Gratitude Fall Edition Kombucha
    1. This is, of course, a seasonal item. By the time you read this it may not even be in stores anymore. While it is, check it out for a lovely, healthier fall drink option. It’s got carrot, apple, turmeric (love turmeric), green tea, a little kiwi, and other spices. I loved it, so refreshing!

So there you have it, my 5 top picks from Trader Joe’s… FOR NOW. There are plenty more where this came from. I could wander the aisles forever, there’s tons of good stuff. I’m going to try a few more things & i’ll let you know what I think!

Let me know if you want to see a video on this kind of topic, a weekly grocery haul, or healthy quick meals made from Trader Joe’s items!

See ya soon,


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